Over 30 People In China Forced To Quarantine In Internet Cafe For Nine Days After A COVID Case Was Detected

At least 32 people were confined for nine days in an internet cafe in Guangzhou, China after a COVID case was detected in the building next door.

According to Jimu News, one woman was upgraded from “diamond” to “master” rank after playing way too many games during the lockdown. 

over 30 people in china forced to quarantine in internet cafe for nine days after a covid case was detectedPhoto via Business Insider

The woman, known as Yu Lili was not a regular player and had simply come into the cafe to use its internet facilities. However, Yu and dozens of others were forced to stay in the internet cafe for nine days after a COVID-19 case was detected in the building next door.

Oh no! 

Before they were released, the group consumed the cafe’s entire stock of cup noodles and snacks. Some of those trapped ordered cooked food via delivery but that proved to be “too expensive and not sustainable.”

Many slept on gaming chairs pushed together but found their backs aching once they woke up and because the place had no windows, they also could not tell whether it was day or night.

The story has since gone viral over social media receiving more than 100 million views on China’s Twitter-like platform, Weibo

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat