Over 100 Baby Snakes Were Found In Thailand From A Flooded Drain

Most of us would avoid touching snakes because even thinking about them makes us feel incredibly geli! But, imagine touching over a hundred of them at once.

No way!

over 100 baby snakes were found in thailand from a flooded drainPhoto via The Thaiger

A drain in Thailand’s Chon Buri province overflowed, damaging a snake's nest inside… As a result, many baby snakes emerged from the water and attempted to escape. 

While the sight may look terrifying, several brave locals helped in scooping up the writhing snakes and placing them on dry ground.

The drain was flooded after water from a nearby reservoir was released, filling it to the point that the snakes were pushed out of their nest. 

Facebook user, Chu Diy shared the story showing the snakes attempting to swim up from the drain. There are also footages of the heroic locals who dropped down on their knees and helped the snakes up, dumping them onto the ground while they scooped up more snakes. 

over 100 baby snakes were found in thailand from a flooded drainPhoto via Mashable SEA

The snakes were thankfully yellow-spotted keelbacks, which are non-venomous and safe to people, according to Thaiger. They may be found in most Southeast Asian countries and are known to thrive in moist, human-modified ecosystems such as ditches and rice fields, which would explain why the nest was found in the sewers.

The men managed to save over 100 baby snakes and moved them to a natural setting where they would be safe!

Fortunately, the snakes are harmless and none of the men or snakes were hurt!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat