Oh No, Another Flag Terbalik

oh no, another flag terbalikPhoto: Adil, Bebas & Kontroversi

News of the wrongly displayed flag during a recent basketball tournament is still making its round on the internet, but we have yet another similar issue happening. 

This time, it involves the Perak Basketball Association (PBA). Unfortunately, a picture of a Perak player wearing the inverted state flag during an official match on Tuesday was spread around on social media, provoking many Malaysians to express their ire. 

PBA clarified the situation and said that the inverted flag was due to a manufacturing error. They highlighted that only one out of the 24 jerseys had the error, and not the entire team’s outfit, as some parties said.

According to Malay Mail, PBA secretary Tan Tiang Send said, “Out of 24 jerseys, one was printed wrongly, which was an accidental mistake on the part of the supplier. We deeply regret the error and promise to be more vigilant in the future when it comes to matters such as these and promise that this mistake will not happen again.”

The letter of apology, dated 26 November 2019, was sent to the Perak Youth and Sports Committee Chairman Howard Lee. The state committee also acknowledged the letter and that the error was unintentional.

“We've been told only one jersey was affected after getting in touch with the team coach. They have apologised and promised to be more careful in the future. Despite that, we will be sending them a show-cause letter so they can provide us with a formal explanation. We hope this will be a lesson to all to be more careful in the future.” the committee said.

By: Celestine Foo