Object Believed To Be From China’s Long March Rocket Found In Sarikei Longhouse

An object, believed to be from China’s Long March 5B rocket, was found last night (August 13th) at a longhouse, Rumah Lenyam, Sungai Asan Baya in Bintagor, Sarikei in Sarawak. 

According to The Borneo Post, a representative from the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department operations center said that seven firefighters were sent to the area after the Lanang police called to report the finding at around 8:50 pm. 

object believed to be from china’s long march rocket found in sarikei longhousePhoto via The Borneo Post

The object, which was roughly two inches wide and three inches long, was discovered on the roof of the longhouse. The owner of the unit returned home and realized his unit’s roof was leaking before he came across the object.

“He believed that the object had been on the roof for a few weeks as he rarely returned to his unit due to his work,” he said in a statement.

The object, which pounctured the roof, was stuck at the beam and has since been retrieved by firefighters and handed over to the police for further action.

We’re so glad it fell on the roof and no one got hurt!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat