NUTP: Delay The Reopening of Schools Next Month

The government has been urged to delay plans of allowing students to return to physical lessons in September, due to the worrying COVID-19 situation.

nutp: delay the reopening of schools next monthPhoto via Malay Mail

The National Union of the Teaching Profession, NUTP, doubts many parents will be keen to send their kids to school, given the current spike in cases.

It is also concerned with the high coronavirus death rate, despite around 40% of the adult population already given both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

NUTP adds that the reopening of schools next month means students will only have 10 weeks of physical classes, with the final day of the school term falling on December 11th.

It also reiterated that more needs to be done to help those undergoing lessons online.

This includes providing sufficient Internet access to low-income families, as well as special Internet packages for teachers.

The Education Ministry announced earlier in July, that online lessons will be ongoing until August 31st, while schools nationwide will reopen in stages from September 1st.

By: Elle Firdouz