No Touch N Go Top Up Lanes On PLUS Highways This Deepavali

Remember the agony of waiting for the person in front of you to top up their Touch N Go? Well this Deepavali, say goodbye to the endless waiting, as top up lanes for TNG will be closed throughout this festive period.

The closure kicks off today (October 24th) until Tuesday, October 29th on all PLUS-operated highways.

no touch n go top up lanes on plus highways this deepavaliPhoto: Astro Awani

According to Plus Malaysia Berhad (PLUS), this closure is common during festive seasons and is aimed at reducing and preventing traffic congestion due to long queues at reload lanes at their toll plazas. Drivers are advised to plan their journey ahead of time and to reload their TNG cards in advance.

no touch n go top up lanes on plus highways this deepavaliPhoto: PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS)

While TNG’s top-up service is provided at the exit lane at its toll plazas, there are over 10,000 reload centres covering ATM machines, R&Rs, petrol stations, malls, self-service kiosks and convenience stores throughout the country.

Drivers are also advised to only use their TNG cards and SmartTAGs for toll transactions on its highway as the PayDirect e-wallet service cannot be performed at PLUS toll plazas at this point of time.

More than 2 million vehicles are expected to be on the road this Deepavali weekend, so brace yourself and make sure you top up your card before you gerak!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya