New Safety Features For E-Hailing Includes Mandatory Health And Hygiene Declaration

The Malaysian government has been gradually lifting movement restrictions and restarting the nation’s economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, worries of a ‘second wave’ of infections still remain. In a recent survey of ride-hailing users, consumers in Malaysia said that wearing masks (79%), providing hand sanitisers in-car (74%), and disinfecting car surfaces (60%) are the three most important preventive measures against COVID-19.

As such, Grab has announced a comprehensive set of safety and hygiene tech features, partnerships, and strict safety policies to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19 via GrabProtect. 

Grab Malaysia’s Head of Operations, Rashid Shukor said: “With GrabProtect, we are setting a higher bar for safety and hygiene standards in ride-hailing and delivery services. The new hygiene route starts before the ride even starts: with ensuring drivers and users are healthy and have taken the necessary precautions before booking a ride, giving people the flexibility to cancel and provide feedback to Grab if either party is not wearing a mask, and encouraging safer and more hygienic practices like frequent hand sanitisation and use of cashless payment.”

The measures taken by Grab to ensure the safety of its drivers and passengers, include:

1. New technology-enabled features to ensure higher safety standards.

Grab is rolling out a new in-app feature - an online health and hygiene declaration form - across Malaysia in June.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Grab’s driver and delivery-partners have started voluntarily submitting daily health declarations through the Grab Driver App. The new online health and hygiene declaration feature, will require all driver and delivery-partners, as well as passengers to declare the following, before they can start driving, delivering orders or book a ride: 

  • That they do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms,

  • They have adopted the necessary safety and hygiene measures

  • They have not had close contact with a COVID-19 patient in the last 14 days

new safety features for e-hailing includes mandatory health and hygiene declarationPhoto via Grab Malaysia

2. One million masks and over 100,000 hygiene kits distributed to drivers and delivery partners nationwide. 

In Malaysia, Grab is partnering with manufacturers and leading brands to purchase hygiene products at discounted rates, making it available for its drivers and delivery-partners free of charge. Over the last few months, Grab has delivered more than 1 million masks and hygiene kits directly to the homes of its delivery partners nationwide.

This time around, Grab will be distributing hygiene kits to over 100,000 driver and delivery-partners across the nation, including items such as hand sanitisers and disinfectant spray to protect their vehicles and delivery bags. Car and delivery bag disinfection services will also be made available, at a subsidised fee, to Grab drivers and delivery-partners at selected locations. 

new safety features for e-hailing includes mandatory health and hygiene declaration​Photo via Grab Malaysia

3. New 6 step process to empower users to make the right choices about safety

Grab drivers and delivery-partners are required to wear a mask whenever they are on the Grab platform. The same requirement will be extended to passengers to mask-up. If either party shows up without a mask on, passengers and driver-partners can cancel the booking by selecting “driver/passenger did not wear a mask” as their cancellation reason. 

new safety features for e-hailing includes mandatory health and hygiene declaration​Photo via Grab Malaysia

Grab has also updated its in-app ratings and feedback feature as well as its Help Centre with options to report health and hygiene-related concerns. This will enable users to provide feedback to Grab if a driver may seem unwell or was not wearing a mask during the ride. Grab monitors this feedback and will take necessary actions to protect the safety and well-being of its users.

Remember to bring with you your face masks and hand sanitiser before you go out, follow all the necessary precautions and you’ll be fine! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat