Netizens Are Annoyed With This Group Of Teenager’s T-Shirts

netizens are annoyed with this group of teenager’s t-shirtsPhoto: Twitter (@zulfazlirshid)

Graphic shirts have always been the “in thing” to wear, but just how graphic should one go?

A group of teenagers brought things to the next level this morning when a picture of them wearing lewd t-shirts bearing crude images and the logo of pornographic website Pornhub circulated online.

Twitter user @zulfazlirshid posted the photo of the boys with the caption, “Teenagers of this generation. They proudly call themselves the most hip among other hipsters of this century.” 

At the time of writing, the tweet had 3.4k retweets.

Netizens were not pleased. One Twitter user asked if their mothers did not scold them when washing their clothes (yes, they are THAT young). Someone else replied saying the shirts are already dirty and no amount of washing can clean it. Well.. he’s not wrong.

The majority of Twitter users speculated that these boys probably hide the clothes from their parents. Some even guessed that they changed into the obscene clothes after leaving their houses - not something we are unfamiliar with, but definitely not something we condone, either.

While we understand the want to be trendy, we don’t understand the impracticality of the garments. Not only are those clothes completely unsuitable for wear to places of worship (or anywhere, really), the shirts aren’t

What are your thoughts on this matter?

By: Celestine Foo