Nestle Ditches Plastic For Paper

nestle ditches plastic for paper

Gone are the days of plastic straws! 

Nestlé Malaysia will be the first F&B company in the country to start using paper straws for its packaged drinks. The paper straws will be packed along with its MILO UHT 125 ml drink boxes in the fourth quarter of this year, effectively cutting back the usage of 40 million plastic straws per annum. 

The green box is literally going green this time!

They are also looking at gradually incorporating paper straws into other packaging variants of the MILO UHT with the end goal of ultimately stopping the use of over 200 million plastic straws annually.

“This is the latest of our contributions to Nestlé’s pledge to make our packaging 100 percent recyclable or reusable by 2025. This is all part of our commitment to continue searching aggressively for solutions in our on-going War on Plastic Waste,” chief executive officer Juan Aranols told the NST. 

Following Nestlé Malaysia’s many initiatives regarding the war on plastic waste and its ongoing development on environmentally-friendly solutions, two-thirds of its total plastic packaging is currently designed for recycling!

Good job, Nestlé Malaysia! We hope to see other companies follow suit in the near future, too.

By: Celestine Foo