Neighbour-Free Seats For A Better Trip

Travelling in a plane is fun (for some), but the worst part about it is probably crying babies and lack of space/privacy, especially for those who fly Economy class.

Malaysia Airlines decided to improve the situation with their new Neighbour Free Seat (NFS). Just like what it sounds, Economy class passengers on Malaysia Airlines will be able to purchase neighbouring seats (even the whole row, if you want!) for that additional space and privacy.

neighbour-free seats for a better tripPhoto: Economy Traveller

The NFS option will be available for bookings at a standard price on selected routes only. Passengers can purchase NFS 72 hours prior to departure, subject to seat availability.

“This new product serves to only improve the experience of our economy passengers on their travels with us. It gives passengers, small families in particular, an opportunity to have just that extra bit of space that makes a world of difference to their travel experience. Passengers who want a whole row to themselves can do so, opening up the opportunity to sleep on an entire row, allowing them to have a unique experience, one not normally available on an Economy class ticket,” Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Lau Yin May said.

“This product further cements Malaysia Airlines pledge to provide Malaysian Hospitality by providing a greater service and better offerings to our passengers on their travels,” she added.

neighbour-free seats for a better tripPhoto: Rojak Daily

Travellers who would like the NFS option can purchase it as an add-on to the existing travel itinerary via the Malaysia Airlines website.

Will you be buying a whole row for yourself?

By: Celestine Foo