Three Motorcyclists Died In Fatal "Mat Rempit" Race Accident

Three people were killed and another three seriously injured in an accident involving several cars and motorcycles in Penang on Sunday (July 17th) morning.

According to Free Malaysia Today, the 4:40 am incident, which happened along the Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Highway in George Town, was said t have involved Mat Remit motorcyclists participating in illegal racing. 

The three men killed were all motorcyclists and their bodies were sent to Hospital Penang.

three motorcyclists dies in fatal accident due to “mat rempit” racePhoto via Instagram (@pandulaju)

Meanwhile, videos were circulated online where the three men can be seen racing with a large group of Mat Rempits on the highway when one crashed into a car. 

A group of motorcyclists and the public are seen gathered by the roadside after the accident happened. 

Guys, please remember that street racing is dangerous! 

These illegal races encourage motorists to drive at speeds significantly in excess of those which have been deemed safe for public roads, and it is an extremely dangerous form of reckless driving. 

Illegal street racing threatens the safety of not only those who are racing but also spectators, other motorists, and road users. So, please be mindful of other people and don’t be reckless. Stay safe on the road!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat