Mother Cyberbullies Her Own Daughter For Over A Year

A mother from Michigan was recently taken into custody on charges that she had been catfishing her own daughter's boyfriend and her own daughter for more than a year.

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One of the most significant social issues of our time is cyberbullying, which typically involves teenagers harassing their peers, often with tragic results. 

But in one of the strangest cases of cyberbullying ever reported, a basketball coach was accused of harassing her own teenage daughter for over a year via texts and social media posts, sending her up to 12 texts and messages a day. 

She was the one who reported it to authorities when the daughter approached her for help with the ongoing cyberbullying, but she made an effort to lay the blame at the feet of her peers.

42-year-old Kendra Gail Licari from Michigan in the US was recently charged with subjecting her own daughter to unimaginable suffering for more than a year for reasons that neither she nor anyone else can fathom. 

She is accused of five offenses, including two counts of stalking a child, two counts of criminal computer use, and one count of obstructing the administration of justice.

When Licari herself informed authorities that her daughter and her boyfriend at the time were receiving persistent online harassment in December 2021, they got involved in this case. No one suspected her to be the villain all along because she and the boy's mother collaborated to identify the perpetrator of the cyberbullying.

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This is so weird!

Investigators discovered that Kendra Licari started sending her daughter hurtful texts and anonymous threats in early 2021 under the guise of someone her daughter's age. 

Although she made an effort to hide her true identity online, when police and FBI IT experts got involved, they were able to quickly pinpoint the activity to Licari's IP address.

The 42-year-old woman's texts and social media posts were compiled into a 349-page report by authorities. She then admitted to cyberbullying her own daughter after authorities confronted her with all the evidence. 

Her motivations, however, are still unknown.