More People Are Calling Befrienders During The Movement Control Order

For some people, being confined within four walls can be stressful, especially since the Movement Control Order was implemented. Though it is for our own safety, confinement may lead to a feeling of loneliness and stress.

more people are calling befrienders during the movement control orderPhoto via Twitter (BefriendersKL)

The World Health Organisation acknowledges that the coronavirus is causing stress in the global population. WHO advised those in isolation to always stay connected with people through email, social media, videoconferencing and phone. Also, sticking to a daily routine and engaging in healthy, relaxing activities, helps too. 

According to the New Straits Times, Befrienders experienced a surge in calls following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, and the subsequent implementation of MCO on 18 March.

Befrienders’ executive director, Kenny Lim said that being confined indoors for a prolonged period of time can cause stress, anxiety, fear, and helplessness. “In the first seven days of MCO, there was a 13% increase in the number of calls received, where 9% of those calls were due to issues related to COVID-19 or the MCO”

The outbreak and implementation have affected many people in different ways, one of them was mental health. 

Due to the high concentration of COVID-19 cases in the district, 223 cases as of 12pm on 29 March, the organisation was advised to consider alternatives to reduce or eliminate the movement of its volunteers. “With respect to this, we have decided to transition to using Skype to allow our trained volunteers to continue providing emotional support online from their homes,” said Lim. 

If you’re in need of someone to talk to, reach out to Befrienders KL at

We understand that what’s going on right now can seem scary and being stuck at home alone isn’t making it better. If you’re feeling upset or stressed, please find someone to talk to.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat