Nashville Mom Shocked To Find Hidden Camera In Daughter’s Bathroom, Claims It Was Planted By Her Husband

A mom in Nashville recently discovered a hidden camera in her daughter’s bathroom, which she claims was planted by her very own husband of 14 years. 

nashville mom shocked to find hidden camera in daughter’s bathroom, claims it was planted by her husbandPhoto via TikTok (@newmommyof3)

The woman named Chastity Brintle shared a 26-second video on her TikTok account @Newmommyof3, showing what seems like a camera lens hidden in a light in her daughter’s bathroom, “Accidentally found this while changing the lightbulb” a text in the video reads.

She then took out the light and pulled out what seemed to be a camera, taped on the back, “How I knew it was him? He admitted it on a phone call with detectives present,” she wrote. 

Hundreds of people expressed their support for Chastity and her family as well as their rage and disgust at the husband after she posted the terrifying story on her TikTok. 

Many people were shocked to learn that the man who was supposed to guard these girls had actually tried to harm them.

“Admit it or not, he was the only one working on that bathroom so who else could’ve done it? Houdini?” one person wrote. 

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The video has since garnered over 91,000 views at the time of writing. 

This is terrible and very scary! We hope the family is okay!