MOE Could Place SPM, STPM Students In Sabah At Hostels

moe could place spm, stpm students in sabah at hostels

Photo via The Sun Daily

The Education Ministry (MOE) is considering putting up Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) students in Sabah at hostels, as the coronavirus situation in the state worsens. 

Minister Dr Radzi Jidin said this would allow students from rural areas in Sabah to have face-to-face lessons with their teachers, as many of them don’t have proper internet access, nor have the devices for online learning.

“Parents have requested for their children to undergo face-to-face learning with their teachers in a safe and conducive environment. However, we have to ensure the capacity of our hostels are adequate if we want to go ahead with this proposal,” he said.

Nevertheless, Dr Radzi assured that these students are well-equipped, regardless if the Ministry goes through with the proposal.

“Teachers have done their best by providing modules for students who do not have internet facilities and devices, and this module is specifically designed for students sitting for exams to revise at home during this period,” he explained.

It’s understood that parents from urban areas in Sabah have opted for their children to follow online classes from home, as they have stable internet access and of course, the devices to do so.

Meanwhile, Dr Radzi said closure of schools in Sabah is subject to the Health Ministry's advice, depending on the COVID-19 situation in a certain area.

As it stands, both of this year’s SPM and STPM exams are scheduled to be held from January 2021.

Hang in there, kids!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob