Missing Teens Run Away Together To Meet BTS In South Korea

Two teenage girls who went missing last week were discovered in Lahore, about 1,200 kilometers from their home in Karachi, Pakistan, and it was revealed that they ran away from home to meet BTS in South Korea.

CNN reported that the two girls, ages 13 and 14, went missing on Saturday (7 January) and that a police investigation into their disappearance had begun. According to CCN, the police discovered a diary containing train schedules and plans to flee to meet BTS.

missing teens found after running away to meet bts in south koreaPhoto via CNN

“The diary contained references of their train schedules and their intention to run away to South Korea with another one of their friends to meet BTS,” he said. 

Following an extensive investigation, the local police discovered that the girls were in the custody of the police in Lahore. The police made arrangements for the teenagers to return to Karachi.

In order to be more aware of what their children are viewing online, he also pleaded with parents to "please monitor their children's screen time."

BTS took a break in late 2022 after its eldest member, Jin started his 18-month mandatory  military service on 13 December.

As other members of the group reach the age requirement to enroll in military boot camps, BTS will be kept apart until at least 2025. The band has stated that they will use this time to work on their solo projects.

But, we don't blame them, because it's BTS. But, please don't do this! Don't run away from home to try and meet them. We don't know how to say this but... it's not possible!