Fisherman In Johor Went Missing For 14 Hours, Found Clinging To Plastic Barrel

A fisherman was found safe, clinging to a blue plastic oil drum after 14 hours of being reported missing.

fisherman in johor went missing for 14 hours, found clinging to plastic barrelPhoto via Astro AWANI

According to Malay Mail, Maritime Commander, Khairul Nizam Misran said that the victim, a 40-year-old Indonesian man named Catur was discovered by fishing boat PL 87 which took part in “Op Carilamat” at around 10:30 am on Monday (3 October).

Catur was reported missing at around 8 o’clock on Sunday (2 October), where he was last seen aboard the boat wearing only green jeans. 

He was then taken to the Tanjung Sedili Maritime Zone Jetty in Kota Tinggi for treatment and action. 

Ahh, we’re so glad he’s safe now!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat