MCO 2.0: Confusion Over KL, Selangor Inter-District Lines Somewhat Clarified

mco 2.0: confusion over kl, selangor inter-district lines somewhat clarified

Confusion over the ever-changing SOPs for the Movement Control Order (MCO) till March 4th is still a problem, with the latest string of questions from the public being over what is meant by ‘inter-district lines’.
This, after the government lifted the 10km-radius travel limit last week, as new daily COVID-19 cases seemingly began to drop, but many Malaysians have still been complaining about having to go through roadblocks, with some even being issued compounds, although they were thought to be travelling within the “same district”.
So allow us to clarify what the National Security Council (NSC) means by ‘inter-district’, according to its latest SOPs… Well, sort of.
It seems district lines are set by state authorities, and not the police.
Also, the whole of Kuala Lumpur is considered one district.
But in spite of the updated newsletter, there still appears confusion among the public.
Over the weekend, Facebook user, Zanirun Baba claimed his daughter was issued a compound notice, purportedly for crossing districts when she drove from Subang Jaya to Shah Alam despite both areas being under the Petaling district.

But when he went to the NSC to check if the fine was legitimate, it seemed the authorities weren't sure about the SOPs either.

Reaksi pesara PDRM ekoran anak kena saman bila rujuk kpd MKN / KKM dan PDRM beza pandangan mengenai daer,ah di Selangor....

Posted by Zanirun Baba on Friday, February 19, 2021
So it looks like we’ll have to just wing it at this point, but just keep in mind that KL is one district, and here’s the breakdown for Selangor and its NINE districts:

- Klang
- Kapar

Hulu Langat
- Ampang
- Beranang
- Cheras
- Hulu Langat
- Hulu Semenyih
- Kajang
- Semenyih

- Ampang
- Hulu Kelang
- Setapak
- Batu
- Rawang

Hulu Selangor
- Hulu Bernam
- Sungai Tinggi
- Kuala Kalumpang
- Sungai Gumut
- Ampang Pecah
- Batang Kali
- Buloh Telur
- Hulu Yam
- Kalumpang
- Kerling
- Pertak
- Rasa
- Serendah

Kuala Langat
- Bandar
- Batu
- Jugra
- Kelanang
- Morib
- Tanjung Dua Belas
- Teluk Panglima Garang

Kuala Selangor
- Api-Api
- Bestari Jaya
- Hujong Permatang
- Hulu Tinggi
- Ijok
- Jeram
- Kuala Selangor
- Pasangan
- Tanjung Karang

- Petaling Jaya
- Puchong
- Subang
- Damansara
- Shah Alam
- Bukit Raja
- Kota Raja
- Bandar Sri Damansara
- Puchong
- Serdang

Sabak Bernam
- Panchang Bendena
- Sabak
- Pasir Panjang
- Bagan Nakhoda Omar
- Sungai Panjang

- Dengkil
- Labu
- Sepang
- Cyberjaya
Hope this helps in some way, at least!

by Kyle Roshen Jacob