Malaysian Spots Suspicious Man Photographing Car Plates and Tires at KL MRT Parking Lot

Leaving your car unattended can be nerve-wracking, especially when it's parked far from where you are.

This is a common concern for many who use public transportation, and a recent incident at the MRT Kuchai Station in Kuala Lumpur underscores this anxiety.

malaysian spots suspicious man photographing car plates and tires at kl mrt parking lotPhoto via Instagram (@ansonkeith)

An Instagram post by @ansonkeith has brought attention to a suspicious occurrence. While waiting for his friends at the station, Anson observed a man acting oddly in the parking area. This individual, who did not appear to be a security officer, was seen walking around parked cars, taking photos of license plates and wheels at random.

In the video shared by Anson, the man repeatedly circled various vehicles, capturing images of them. The man's intentions remain unclear, leaving viewers to wonder whether he was up to no good or simply had an innocent reason for his actions. 

Anson admitted he couldn't determine the man's motives but felt it was important to alert others to the suspicious behavior.

Anson's message was clear: many people leave their cars in such parking lots for extended periods, sometimes up to 10 hours, and the potential for danger during that time is always present. By sharing his experience, he hoped to raise awareness and encourage others to be vigilant.

In his post, Anson acknowledged that he might be overreacting, but he felt it was better to err on the side of caution. Sharing this incident online was his way of notifying the public about the potential risks.


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As a reminder to all readers: always be mindful of your belongings. Ensure your cars are locked, park in well-lit areas with security, and avoid leaving valuables inside your vehicle. Taking these precautions can help reduce the risk of theft or other unwanted incidents. 

Stay safe and vigilant!