Man Steals Woman’s Car As She’s Pumping Fuel

man steals woman’s car as she’s pumping fuel

Leaving your car engine on, using your phone, and smoking…

Those are among the things you SHOULDN’T do while you’re filling up fuel at the petrol station.

But here’s one thing you MUST do… LOCK YOUR CAR!

This woman in Temerloh, Pahang soon found out the hard way that you shouldn’t take it for granted that filling up fuel is a quick job, and she got her car stolen in the process!

In the incident at a petrol station in Kampung Megat Segama, CCTV footage showed the woman in the midst of pumping fuel, before a man casually enters her car and immediately drives off!

It’s unclear if the woman had left her car engine running, and if she had left her car keys in the car, but those are two things she definitely should not have done.

As of now, there is no news on whether the police have gotten involved, but we at least hope she’s okay from that fall!

So remember, always make sure your car is locked while you’re pumping fuel!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob