Man Spends RM8,000 Monthly To “Reverse Aging” So He Could Live Forever

A man from England has been spending £1.5k per month in an effort to live longer, and says he even considered getting frozen so he can return in the future.

man spends rm8,000 monthly to “reverse aging” so he could live foreverPhoto via Wales Online

Leon Kurita-Goudlock, believes in the concept of “upgrading your body” so he now takes up to 60 pills a day and claims that he decided to act after witnessing the deaths of both his parents. The 36-year-old said that while he would prefer to live forever, he is doing everything in his power to live into old age.

According to Wales Online, Leon who was born in the United States, but now calls London home declared: “I want to live forever.”

“My mother passed away from cancer when she was 70 and my father passed away this year at the age of 86 from heart problems. Their final 20 years were a complete misery. Nothing is more depressing than giving your own parents sponge baths and carrying them upstairs,” he said. 

Leon made a significant lifestyle change 10 years ago after witnessing his parent’s struggle with their health. 

He began his new lifestyle with level 1 biohacking which includes waking up between 4 and 5 am every morning and taking some time for himself to meditate, work out and drink two liters of water. He fasts the rest of the day and consumes between 1,500 and 1,800 calories between 6 and 9 pm. 

man spends rm8,000 monthly to “reverse aging” so he could live foreverPhoto via Wales Online

To tamp down his hunger, he consumes water and black coffee, and he primarily consumes Japanese foods like brown rice, seaweed, miso soup, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

"Lots of people want a quick and easy solution, it's not magic… and a lot of people brush off level one," the health-conscious American continued.

“I take 60 pills a day and spend a few thousand dollars a month on supplements in order to slow down the visible signs of aging. I undergo red light therapy once a day for 45 minutes. Although it might take some time and isn't a Benjamin Button fix, it is possible to stop the aging process,” he added.

Wah, and that’s only level one?! 

What do you guys think? Do you want to live forever?