Man Rents Car In Selangor And Sells It To Someone Else In Kelantan For RM1,500

We really want to know what is going on here…

Recently, an owner of a car rental service in Selangor reported a missing car on May 12th.

man rents car in selangor and sells it to someone else in kelantan for rm1,500Photo via Sinar Harian

According to Sinar Harian, 27-year-old Muhammad Nizamuddeen rented out a Perodua Axia to a man, but he did not return the car. 

As soon as he realised that the man was not coming back with his car, he put up a post on social media asking for help to locate his missing car, and luckily, someone did contact him informing Nizamuddeen that his car was spotted in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. 

Like… how did it even get there?!

He and his brother immediately drove to Tanah Merah at 5 am, and managed to track down the missing car! 

But what’s weird is that, the man who was driving the car is not the man who rented the car from him. 

The man driving the car turned out to be a 40-year-old man who told Nizamuddeen that he had bought the car for just RM1,500. Yes, THAT cheap! 

The man said he was told that the car was a problematic car or “kereta sakit” and he even continued paying its monthly installments. 

man rents car in selangor and sells it to someone else in kelantan for rm1,500Photo via Facebook (INFO JENAYAH TERKINI SELURUH MALAYSIA)

The car has also been modified with tinted windows and a fancy number plate. The man even managed to get the car’s documents from the “seller”. 

Nizamuddeen said that the man who rented the car from him could not be traced, however, it’s believed that he is still in Kelantan with his daughter. He said that he also installed a tracking device or GPS in the car but it was believed that the renter removed it before selling the car. 

The car was taken to a nearby police station for a report and will be taken back home.

What an interesting adventure Nizamuddeen had to go through to get back his car. But, please don’t do this, okay guys? Always return the things you pinjam back to its owner!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat