Malaysians Have Such Big Hearts!

Wow, Malaysians do care after all.

Though there is not much that we could do to physically help the raging bushfires devastating Australia, Malaysians have been pouring out their kindness and support on social media.

malaysians have such big hearts!Photo from: Free Malaysia Today

Australian High Commissioner, Andrew Goledzinowski even praised Malaysians for their endless support, as the country continues to battle raging bushfires across its east coast.

He mentioned that one Minister had asked local mosques to offer special prayers for Australia while another Minister remarked that Australia is like a “second home to many of us” – though he did not identify who they were.

A Malaysian businessman had also asked what he could do to help with the crisis in Australia, which he added, “When you need a friend, turn to a Malaysian”.

Isn’t that just sweet?

The recent bushfire crisis has claimed 24 lives since September and 12 of those are from this week’s fire alone. A few people have been reported missing and more than 1,500 homes have already been lost.

So, if you have any Australian friends, don’t forget to check up on them today. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat