Malaysian Student Commits Suicide After Alleged Bullying

malaysian student commits suicide after alleged bullying

A brilliant Malaysian studying to become a therapist at Utah State University in the US took her own life after alleged relentless bullying by students there, a lawsuit claims.

In her farewell note, 24-year-old Jerusha Sanjeevi said she survived poverty, violence, rape and hunger, but was finally defeated by her university's refusal to take her bullying complaints seriously.

A classmate has been accused of bullying the Chindian for the colour of her skin, allegedly saying she didn't deserve success, and even making fun of her family.

After 8 months of mental torment, Jerusha took her life in April 2017, saying the last straw was when her school gave her bully an unspecified award.

malaysian student commits suicide after alleged bullying

Jerusha's boyfriend (as above) has filed a lawsuit against the Utah State University, the head of the Psychology Department (who's accused of ignoring Jerusha's multiple complaints), some of her classmates and professors. 

The university denies all wrongdoing, saying it took all appropriate action to address the case, which it classifies as interpersonal issues between students.

The court case is ongoing and we'll leave you with Jerusha's last wishes, which she left in a note, "Please be kinder in the future".

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please reach out to a friend or Befrienders KL at 03-79568145.

By: Irene Chooi