Malaysia, Why Are You So Hot?

Been wondering why it’s hard to sleep at night because it’s just TOO hot, and you’re always drenched in sweat when you wake up?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone because we feel it, too!

malaysia, why are you so hot?Photo via The Star

As reported by Astro Awani, The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) has revealed that the heatwave we’ve all been experiencing is normal, and that we have to bear with it for at least another month. Oh no! 

MMD’s director, Jailan Simon said: “At the beginning of this week, the winds blowing from the southeast causes a reduced rainfall in the country and abnormally hot weather.”

“But despite that, the Met Department does not expect the country to face the El Nino or La Nina phenomena this time around.”

So, Malaysians, be prepared because according to the Met Department, this hot weather will last until around the middle of September…

“We will experience some rainfall during this period but not very much, so you will feel the dryness of the weather compared to June and July.”

The department also added that the temperature will rise as high as 36 degrees celsius in several locations, such as Pahang and Kelantan. 

So, keep yourself hydrated at all times and try to avoid going under the scorching hot sun for too long for now. 

Stay safe, everyone, and stay cool! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat