Malaysia Welcomes 26 Million International Tourists in 2023, Tops Southeast Asia in Visitor Arrivals

A recent report by seasia.stats, a media outlet specialising in visually appealing statistics for Southeast Asian countries, highlights the positive impact of tourism on Malaysia. 

According to their findings, Malaysia welcomed an impressive 26 million international tourists from January to November 2023.

malaysia welcomes 26 million international tourists in 2023, tops southeast asia in visitor arrivalsPhoto via Daily Sabah

This figure surpasses Thailand's tourist arrivals by 1.4 million during the same period, solidifying Malaysia's position as a sought-after destination in the region. Notably, of the 26.4 million international tourists in Thailand during this period, over 3.8 million were Malaysians.

Here's a glimpse of the top 9 international tourist arrivals in Southeast Asia in 2023, as reported by seasia.stats:

  • Malaysia – 26 million

  • Thailand – 24.6 million

  • Singapore – 11.3 million

  • Vietnam – 11.2 million

  • Indonesia – 9.9 million

  • Philippines – 4.6 million

  • Cambodia – 4.4 million

  • Laos – 2.4 million

  • Myanmar – 751,000

It's important to note that these statistics may not provide a direct comparison, as some countries released data only up to specific months. Singapore, Indonesia, and Cambodia reported statistics up to October 2023, Laos until September 2023, and Myanmar until August 2023. 

Additionally, Brunei and Timor-Leste did not provide any statistics on international tourism.

Despite these variations, the 26 million figure is undoubtedly a positive indicator and a welcome boost for Malaysia's tourism industry, which faced challenges during the pandemic. 

This achievement showcases Malaysia's appeal as a favourite destination for international travellers.


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