Urgent Call for Road Safety Measures as Malaysia Takes Third Spot in Study on Most Dangerous Roads

A recent study conducted by experts at the car subscription service FINN has placed Malaysia in an undesirable position, naming it as one of the countries where the likelihood of road fatalities is highest.

In this distressing ranking, Malaysia ranks third, with Saudi Arabia securing the first position and Thailand taking the second spot.

urgent call for road safety measures as malaysia takes third spot in study on most dangerous roadsThe study examined the number of fatalities resulting from car accidents in each country and calculated the deaths per 100,000 people to determine the most dangerous places to drive. Unfortunately, Malaysia's statistics were far from promising, with a staggering 22.48 deaths recorded per 100,000 individuals.

Here are the rankings of the world's deadliest roads based on the study:

  1. Saudi Arabia

  2. Thailand

  3. Malaysia

  4. United States

  5. South Africa

  6. Iran

  7. Argentina

  8. Brazil

  9. Russia

  10. Chile

The study also sheds light on the top 20 safest roads in the world, with Iceland leading the way, boasting an impressively low rate of just 2.05 deaths per 100,000 people. Norway secures the second position, and the top 5 is completed by Switzerland, Ireland, and Sweden.

urgent call for road safety measures as malaysia takes third spot in study on most dangerous roads

It's worth noting that Japan is the only Asian country that made it into the top 10 safest roads list, earning a commendable 7th spot.

The full list of the top 10 safest roads in the world is as follows:

  1. Iceland

  2. Norway

  3. Switzerland

  4. Ireland

  5. Sweden

  6. United Kingdom

  7. Japan

  8. Denmark

  9. Netherlands

  10. Spain

The stark contrast between the safest and most dangerous roads highlights the pressing need for effective road safety measures in countries like Malaysia. 

Authorities and communities must come together to address the underlying factors contributing to road accidents and fatalities. Only through collective efforts can we strive to make our roads safer and prevent the loss of precious lives.