Malaysia Ranks 8th As 'Best Place In The World To Retire In 2024,' Only Asian Country In The Top 10!

Malaysia has earned the prestigious 8th spot on International Living's esteemed Annual Global Retirement Index for 2024, marking it as one of the prime retirement destinations worldwide.

malaysia ranks 8th as 'best place in the world to retire in 2024,' only asian country in the top 10!Photo via Daily Sabah

Distinguished as the sole Asian country in the top 10 rankings, Malaysia has been commended for its harmonious blend of affordability, cultural richness, and breathtaking natural landscapes, earning it the title of a "Southeast Asian gem."

Keith Hockton, in his detailed coverage of Malaysia's rise to the 8th position, emphasised the country's allure to expatriates, citing its offering of first-class amenities at significantly lower costs compared to Western counterparts.

Hockton underscored Malaysia's appeal with its notably lower cost of living, spanning housing, transportation, food, and entertainment, which he estimates to be one-third to one-fifth of Western expenses on average.

Moreover, Malaysia stands out as an enticing prospect for those seeking a tranquil and exotic lifestyle, steering clear from the hustle and bustle of North America, Europe, or Australia, as highlighted by Hockton.

The warmth and hospitality exhibited by Malaysians have also earned praise, with Hockton dubbing them as the "most hospitable in Asia," fostering a sense of community unparalleled elsewhere on the continent.

Notably, Malaysia's exclusive representation as the lone Asian nation in the 2024 Annual Global Retirement Index, surpassing renowned countries like France and Colombia, is a testament to its growing appeal on the international retirement scene.

Topping the list is the Central American nation of Costa Rica, followed by Portugal, Mexico, Panama, and Spain, rounding off the top five.

Here is the full roster of the top 10 retirement destinations for 2024 according to the Index:

  1. Costa Rica

  2. Portugal

  3. Mexico

  4. Panama

  5. Spain

  6. Ecuador

  7. Greece

  8. Malaysia

  9. France

  10. Colombia

malaysia ranks 8th as 'best place in the world to retire in 2024,' only asian country in the top 10!Photo via Headout

The Annual Global Retirement Index, regarded as the foremost authority in its domain, is a culmination of extensive research and firsthand experiences gathered by International Living from trusted sources worldwide. 

While not a scientific endeavour, the Index serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking retirement havens, offering insights based on real-world observations and seasoned opinions.