Running Red Lights Can Lead to Up to Six Months in Jail: Nationwide 24-Hour Cameras to Capture Violators

The Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department (JSPT) of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has issued a stern warning to all road users regarding the dangers of running a red traffic light.

This reckless act not only increases the risk of accidents but can also lead to the loss of lives.

running red lights can lead to up to six months in jail: nationwide 24-hour cameras to capture violatorsPhoto via Facebook (Jabatan Siasatan Dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik PDRM)

JSPT took to their official Facebook page to emphasize the importance of obeying traffic signals. They reminded the public that even in the absence of traffic police officers, the department is equipped to monitor road users' behavior, particularly at intersections controlled by red light surveillance cameras.

JSPT disclosed that these surveillance cameras have been strategically placed all across the country, with a particular focus on intersections or junctions where a significant number of individuals have been consistently observed disobeying red traffic lights.

Moreover, JSPT underlined that these red light surveillance cameras operate around the clock, regardless of whether it's daytime or nighttime. This means that road users who disregard traffic signals will not escape consequences and will be subject to legal action by PDRM.

Beyond their role in traffic law enforcement, JSPT commended the surveillance cameras for their role in educating road users about the importance of adhering to road regulations.

Whenever the 24-hour surveillance cameras capture a driver running a red light, they document the incident with photographic evidence. Subsequently, JSPT issues a summons to the offender, which is sent to the registered address of the vehicle owner.

It's essential to understand that running a red light is a direct violation of Rule 17 (LN 167/1959), which carries a severe penalty. Offenders can face fines of up to RM2,000 or imprisonment for a period of up to six months.

RED LIGHT SURVEILLANCE CAMERA Kepada pengguna jalan raya patuhi lampu isyarat. Tanpa kehadiran anggota Polis Trafik pun, kami masih boleh memantau tindak tanduk anda. Jangan pula tiada kamera dan anggota polis, anda sesuka hati melanggar peraturan. Sabar itu indah, jalan raya dikongsi bersama. Sayangi diri jauhi kemalangan. #jspt

Posted by Jabatan Siasatan Dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik PDRM on Wednesday, 18 October 2023

The reasons for adhering to red traffic lights are clear and compelling. Ignoring them jeopardizes road safety and endangers lives. The deployment of red light surveillance cameras by JSPT serves not only as a means of enforcement but also as a vital tool for educating the public about responsible and safe road usage. 

Therefore, it is incumbent upon all road users to respect and obey traffic signals to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.