Malaysia Surpasses Target with 33 Gold Medals at ASEAN Para Games On Fourth Day Of Competition

Malaysia has accomplished its goal of securing 33 gold medals in the 12th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Para Games (APG) held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Remarkably, this feat was achieved within just four days of the competition, as reported by the New Straits Times. The Malaysian contingent, comprising 144 athletes, has been participating in the biennial event from June 3rd to June 9th.

malaysia surpasses target with 33 gold medals at asean para games on fourth day of competitionPhoto via Utusan Malaysia

Datuk Seri Megat D Shahriman Zaharudin, President of the Paralympic Council of Malaysia, stated that their target for this year's games was to secure 33 gold, 51 silver, and 58 bronze medals. He further explained that Malaysia is competing across 136 events, with 33 gold medals being sufficient to secure a place in the top four positions.

On June 6th, the fourth day of the competition, Brady Zi Rong Chin and Chee Chaoming clinched the 33rd gold medal in the men's doubles TT9 Table Tennis event. The pair secured the victory by defeating Linard Combras and Benedicto Hernandez from the Philippines with a score of 11-8, 11-7, and 11-8, according to Bernama. Previously, the duo had also won gold in the men's team TT9 table tennis event on the third day of the games.

In addition to Chin and Chaoming's remarkable achievement, there have been several other standout performances by Malaysian athletes. Here are the gold medalists who have defied the odds and brought glory to their country:

Day 2 (June 4th):

Individual Events:

  • Fraidden Dawan: Swimming (Men's 400m freestyle S10)

  • Mohd Adib Iqbal Abdullah: Swimming (Men's 100m breaststroke SB14)

  • Abd Halim Mohammad: Swimming (Men's 100m breaststroke SB8 and Men's 100m freestyle S8)

  • Lim Carmen: Swimming (Women's 100m breaststroke SB8)

  • Muhammad Imaan Aiman Muhammad Redzuan: Swimming (Men's 50m backstroke S14)

  • Nani Shahiera Zawawi: Athletics (Women's long jump T20)

  • Muhammad Ashraf Muhammad Haisham: Athletics (Men's 5000m T46)

Day 3 (June 5th):

Individual Events:

  • Muhammad Ashraf Muhammad Haisham: Athletics (Men's 1500m T46)

  • Eddy Bernard: Athletics (Men's 100m T44 and Men's long jump T42-44)

  • Mohamad Aliff Mohamad Awi: Athletics (Men's shot put F20)

  • Zy Kher Lee: Swimming (Men's 200m freestyle S5)

  • Muhammad Nur Syaiful Zulkafli: Swimming (Men's 50m breaststroke SB4)

  • Mohd Adib Iqbal Abdullah: Swimming (Men's 50m breaststroke SB14)

  • Mohd Shahmil Md Saad: Athletics (Men's shot put F56)

  • Abd Halim Mohammad: Swimming (Men's 50m breaststroke SB8)

  • Lim Carmen: Swimming (Women's 50m breaststroke SB8)

  • Muhammad Imaan Aiman Muhammad Redzuan: Swimming (Men's 100m backstroke S14)

  • Mohamad Saifuddin Ishak: Athletics (Men's long jump T11-12)

  • Muhammad Fatah Abu Bakar: Judo (Men's 73kg)

  • Zulkifly Abdullah: Athletics (Men's long jump T20)

Group Event:

  • Swimming (Men's team 4x100m medley relay S14)

Day 4 (June 6th):

Individual Events:

  • Bryan Lau Sze Kai: Swimming (Men's 100m freestyle S14)

  • Rusdianto Rusmadi: Swimming (Men's 100m butterfly S8)

  • Doriah Poulus: Athletics (Women's shot put F44)

  • Mohammad Zikri Zakaria: Athletics (Men's shot put F55)

  • Fraidden Dawan: Swimming (Men's 100m butterfly S10)

  • Muhammad Imaan Aiman Muhammad Redzuan: Swimming (Men's 100m butterfly S14)

  • Noor Askuzaimey Mat Salim: Boccia (Women's individual BC4)

  • Muhammad Ammar Aiman Nor Azmi: Athletics (Men's 400m T20)

Currently, the Malaysian contingent has also secured 27 silver and 18 bronze medals. As of June 6th, Malaysia ranks fourth in the 2023 ASEAN Para Games with a total of 78 medals.

So proud!