Malawati Stadium CAC Still Crowded, But Under Control

If you’re in Selangor and you are required to head to a COVID-19 Assessment Centre (CAC), then here’s what you need to know.  

The Health Director General has urged residents in Selangor to go to the nearest CAC to avoid congestion at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam.  

malawati stadium cac still crowded, but under control

On Monday (July 12), it was reported that an estimated 4,000 infected patients had lined up outside the CAC for health assessments.  

An official from the CAC told Astro Radio News that they have since put in new controls to address the situation at the Shah Alam facility.  

He says they’ve opened up new lanes for those who have completed their quarantine period, and are waiting to get their release order letter. 

This is to separate newly infected patients from those who have already completed their quarantine.  

He also mentioned that they have added more personnel to improve crowd flow. 

malawati stadium cac still crowded, but under control 

Astro Radio News also got in touch with a patient at the Shah Alam facility, who says that the crowd situation is under control.  

Despite the facility being crowded, she says people are still maintaining physical distancing.  

They have put up tents and placed chairs for those waiting for their turn, in contrast with the lines of people queuing up under the hot sun earlier this week.  

“The ventilation in the stadium is okay, they have big fans” she says.  

She also mentioned that she was pleased with the treatment given by the volunteers.  

“They are very helpful, when you ask them questions.”  

If you’re thinking that you might go hungry, fret not!  

She says there is food provided outside before entering the stadium.  

Now, you must be wondering where you should head to, to avoid this crowd.  

We’ve got you covered.  

Here’s a list of CAC centres in Selangor​:

malawati stadium cac still crowded, but under control

If you’re heading to one of these CAC centres, don’t forget to double mask and it’s always good to bring along a bottle of water to stay hydrated.  

By: Roshini Ravindran