Light Aircraft Made Emergency Landing On PLUS Highway Due To Technical Issues

light aircraft made emergency landing on plus highway due to technical issues

In case you missed it, a light aircraft (Beechcraft Bonanza F35) made an emergency landing on the North-South (PLUS) Highway yesterday morning (November 22nd) near Sedenak, Johor.

PLUS confirmed the news in an official statement.

“At 10:56 am, TMC received a call from highway customers notifying a light aircraft was sighted on the highway at KM47.8 (South Bound) and they immediately dispatched a PLUSRonda team to assist. At the same time, the Fire and Rescue Department and police were also notified for their further action,” it said.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), the aircraft, operated by Premier Air Singapore, was en route to Melaka but cited technical issues shortly after takeoff.

It’s understood that the two Singaporean pilots had radioed Johor's Air Traffic Control Tower at 10:40 am, requesting for a return landing at the Senai airport, but instead of returning to the airport, the pilot performed an emergency landing along the highway.

No injuries were reported.

An investigation into the incident will be conducted by the Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) under the Transport Ministry.

How cool would it have been to witness this, though?


by Kyle Roshen Jacob