Labuan Completes 100% Vaccination Of Its Adult Population

Labuan Disaster Management Committee chairman Rithuan Ismail said that the federal territory completed 100% vaccination of its adult population against COVID-19 on Tuesday (September 7th). 

“Furthermore, the adult population among the immigrants on the island has also been vaccinated, thus recording 100.5% of immunised adults,” he told BERNAMA.

labuan completes 100% vaccination of its adult populationPhoto via Daily Express

Rithuan, who is also Labuan COVID-19 Immunisation Taskforce (CITF) chairman, said the taskforce had listed 68,500 adults as eligible for the immunisation programme in Labuan.

“The number of eligible adults being given the vaccine has surpassed the target due to the Labuan CITF policy of inoculating people regardless of their nationality. We also offered the vaccine to the workers (from outside Labuan) in the Labuan shipping and oil and gas sectors,” he said. 

He added that thousands of Filipino refugees in the two Refugee Community Settlement Schemes there have also been vaccinated as part of the committee’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the local community.

“We can see that the number of adults completing the vaccination will increase steadily as the number of people who received the first dose reached 102.94% as of Tuesday.

“The more people vaccinated, the better, as we will be able to contain the COVID-19 spread… as our policy is to encourage shipping crew and those in the oil and gas sectors to get the shot. The number of people completing the vaccine will certainly surpass our target,” he said.

Labuan completed vaccinating 80% of its adult population on July 27th and became the first among the federal territories and states in the country to achieve herd-immunity against COVID-19. 

Wah, well done, Labuan! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat