Kuantan Man Aims To Raise Funds To Give Food To Marginalised Community This Ramadan

Main image via MalayMail

Ramadan is around the corner and while many out there are already starting to prep for ‘baju raya’ and think of getting their cravings satisfied at the bazaars, there’s a small community of people who don’t get to enjoy the same perks. 

Aiman Azahari from Kuantan, Pahang wants to do what he can to help the marginalised community in his area so that they could have a somewhat memorable Ramadan. 

Through his initiative, #MutualAidKuantan, he is aiming to raise RM36,000 to provide 200 chicken rice packets daily to Kuantan’s marginalised communities, including the homeless, migrant workers, women and children in shelters and more. Each packet costs RM6.

kuantan man aims to raise funds to give food to marginalised community this ramadanImage via MalayMail

Aiman said that he was driven to organise the initiative as there are no soup kitchens in Kuantan. Hailing from Kampung Pelindung Beserah, he said that it breaks his heart to see people not having enough food to feed themselves. 

He felt that actually doing something about the situation is way better than just lamenting on social media. Aiman, who is a restaurateur added that the food will be prepared by him, his staff and some of his own family members. 

This is not the first time Aiman’s offered a helping hand. Last year, as many were badly affected by the first Movement Control Order (MCO), he raised RM50,000 through a crowdfunding initiative to provide provisions to the fishing communities in Beserah. Support was also extended to the disabled, single mothers and refugees in the area. 

Keep doing what you do, Aiman. You’re an inspiration to many out there!


By Piravina Ragunathan

Info via MalayMail