KKM Urges Malaysians To Wear Masks and Avoid 3Cs As Number Of COVID-19 Cases Rises Again

In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, Malaysia's Ministry of Health (KKM) is once again emphasising the importance of adhering to safety measures.

kkm urges malaysians to wear masks and avoid 3cs as number of covid-19 cases rises againPhoto via Free Malaysia Today

As per the information presented by China Press, the 50th Epidemiological Week (10 December to 16 December) witnessed a significant spike, with 20,696 new COVID-19 cases reported. This marks an alarming increase of 7,939 cases compared to the previous week's total of 12,757 cases.

Tragically, there were 28 new deaths, including 8 cases where individuals succumbed to the virus before reaching the hospital. 

This figure has doubled in comparison to the 11 deaths recorded in the preceding week. Official data from KKM indicates that there are currently 28,375 active COVID-19 cases as of 16 December.

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On Sunday, 17 December 2023, the Ministry of Health took to its official Facebook page to share a video, urging the public to prioritise safety measures. The video stressed the importance of wearing masks, regular handwashing with soap, and adopting the TRIIS approach (Test, Report, Isolate, Inform, Seek).

The message conveyed was clear: "COVID-19 Never Takes a Break. Always be vigilant and practise personal health control, especially in crowded and confined spaces."

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Additionally, Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad advised the public to wear masks and steer clear of 3CS (crowds, congested areas, and close contact). He emphasised that individuals testing positive with symptoms should opt for self-quarantine, as reported by BERNAMA.