Video Shows "Breathtaking" Waterfall in Kelantan, Unveiling 'Kepala Air' Phenomenon and Prompting Caution

The phenomenon known as "Kepala Air" or the 'water column' poses a significant threat during floods, capable of sweeping away people and objects in its massive surge.

video shows breathtaking waterfall in kelantan, unveiling 'kepala air' phenomenon and prompting cautionPhoto via X (@jnmalaysia)

A stark example of this perilous occurrence can be witnessed in Kelantan, where a colossal waterfall emerges during the monsoon season, triggered by the dangerous kepala air phenomenon.

Recently, the Jabatan Netizen Malaysia Twitter page shared footage of this unusual spectacle at Gunung Stong, Kelantan, emphasising that what appears to be a waterfall is, in fact, a manifestation of kepala air cascading over the mountain.

Their post stated, "Gunung Stong waterfall, Dabong, Kelantan. This is not a waterfall, this is kepala air."

Accompanying the statement were images depicting the mountain's appearance before the onset of the rainy season, revealing only a modest waterfall. "The second and third picture show the waterfall's condition without a day of rain. 

The mountain stands at an impressive 1,422 metres high," they added.

Despite its majestic appearance, this enormous waterfall serves as a critical reminder to avoid playing near or swimming in rivers during the monsoon season. The sudden surge of water can occur unexpectedly, sweeping away anything in its path.

As the monsoon season unfolds, it is essential for everyone to prioritise safety and exercise caution around water bodies. 

The dangers associated with kepala air underscore the importance of staying vigilant and avoiding unnecessary risks during this period. May everyone stay safe and heed caution during the monsoon season!