Kedah Man Who Lost His Wife And Unborn Child Pleads Malaysians To Adhere To SOPs

A man from Kedah recently lost his pregnant wife and unborn child to COVID-19, and called on the public to comply with the SOPs set by the government to curb the spread of the virus, as reported by NST.

“Please adhere to the SOP. I just lost my wife and unborn child to COVID-19. Think about your children, wife and husband. Just stay at home,” said 35-year-old Mohd Fadhli Abd Wahab.

kedah man who lost his wife and unborn child pleads malaysians to adhere to sopsPhoto via The Star

His wife, Umaisarah who was 25-years-old and seven-months’ pregnant, passed away at 1:25 pm on Saturday (July 17th) at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital (HSAH). 

Fadhli said that his wife complained of shortness of breath and severe headache, though she had no illness or allergies since she became pregnant with their third child. 

“Around 4 am, she told me that she could not breathe and was feeling weak. I immediately rushed her to HSAH for treatment. She was placed in the hospital’s red zone. 

“But not long after that, she died. The doctor confirmed that it was due to COVID-19,” he said. 

Fadhli, from Kampung Pokok Asam said that he always accompanied his wife at home as his workplace was closed due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) and that they were eager to welcome their third child together. 

“I was upset for not being by her side when she breathed her last breath. I only saw her body when the doctor called me in for confirmation,” he said. 

Fadhli, his two children and mother-in-law also had their COVID-19 screening and were instructed by the Health Ministry (MOH) to self-quarantine until July 26th. 

Kedah Heath Director, Dr. Othman Warijo when contacted by NST, confirmed the death of a pregnant mother at HSAH due to COVID-19 and that her family members were ordered to undergo quarantine. 

This is so sad. Our condolences go out to those who have lost their families to this terrible virus. Please stay safe, everyone.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat