K-pop Band NCT 127 First Indonesia Concert Were Forced To End Early After 30 People Fainted

K-pop band NCT 127 were forced to end their first concert in Indonesia early after 30 people fainted in a crush, police said.

k-pop band nct 127 first indonesia concert were forced to end early after 30 people faintedPhoto via The Star

According to The Guardian, police spokesperson Endra Zulpan said that the concert near Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta on Friday (4 October) was going on for about two hours when fans began pushing forward to get closer to the stage. 

“As a result, 30 people fainted. We decided to stop the concert at 9:20 am to avoid further incidents,” he said, adding that the fainted fans had all recovered. 

One fan told AFP that fans in the back pushed their way forward to get to the stage, which caused the barricade fences to fall over. 

“Those fans have let us down. Even the NCT 127 members have reminded everyone not to push each other, but they were so selfish. 

“They disregard other people’s safety, just so they could get a good video of the boys,” she added.

Police have allowed the second day of NCT 127’s concert to go ahead today (5 November), but banned the distribution of goodies to fans and required stricter measures to separate fans and the artists. 

Concert organizer Dyandra Glocal Edutainment released a statement on their Instagram saying that they will add more paramedics and security personnel for the Day 2 show.

“We’re very grateful that no one was injured. However, as we put the safety and security of the audience as our top priority, the halt of the show became inevitable.”

We’re so glad nobody was hurt!

Concerts are a bonding experience and can bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together peacefully. However, as much as these events are to be enjoyed, it is important that anyone attending should consider their own personal safety.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat