Just Do It? This Malaysian Just Did It!

 just do it? this malaysian just did it!Photo: Twitter (@ajplus)

We have seen people posting photos of their biggest flex of 2019, and this Malaysian Malaysian model can flex her gig as a model for Nike!

In 2017, Nike’s Pro Hijab collection was hugely successful, and they just recently launched a line of modest swimwear to follow suit.

Named the Nike Victory Swim Collection, the line sees an array of items like leggings, hijabs, tunic tops and swimsuits which are all catered for water-based sports. 

Featured in the collection is Arinna Erin Wira, a Malaysian with a Master’s of Science In Business Intelligence and Social Media from Brunel University in London. Her stunning features are perfectly highlighted in the ad, and it’s safe to say we know why they picked her!

Netizens took to social media to share their pride, with many calling her an icon and an idol. 


Nike Victory Swim Collection I love swimming. I can safely say swimming is my second nature because when I do, I feel at peace, I feel light and just... happy. Being a hijabi never stopped me from doing the things I love, It’s a part of me that I cherish, not something that limits my journey to do greater things. We all know the struggle of looking for the perfect swimsuit that covers our aurah and for some, they’d just avoid swimming altogether. It is encouraged in Islam to be active, to be healthy; this includes swimming. Although I’ve never let anything stop me from swimming, I still wanted a swimsuit that was functional and not just aesthetically pleasing to look at. The moment I put on the @nike Victory swimsuit, it felt right. It served its purpose and swimming in it was effortless. I’m a firm believer and advocate of trying new things, doing the things I love and making sure it’ll all be worth it in the end, whatever it may be. Never limit yourself, Just Do It.

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Meanwhile, Arinna herself posted a message on her Instagram account with the message that she is a firm believer and an advocate of trying new things (with regards to the swimwear collection), she ended it by telling her followers “never limit yourself, Just Do It”.

Congratulations, Arinna! 

By: Celestine Foo