Scam Alert! JPJ Warns Of ‘Lesen Terbang’ Syndicate, Promising Driving Licences Without Tests

Driving tests are a MUST! 

It’s a procedure designed to test a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle because every time a person sits on the driving seat, they not only are responsible for their own safety but also of other people who might be using the road as well. 

scam alert! jpj warns of ‘lesen terbang’ syndicate, promising driving licences without testsPhoto via Malaysiakini

Earlier this year, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) warned the public to be wary of a social media post purportedly offering driving licences without the need for classes or tests.

According to JPJ Director-General Zailani Hashim, the advertisement used a photo of a China doll as the profile picture to pique the interest of social media users.

He said, "This syndicate profits by deceiving the victims and then vanishes after receiving the money.

"The advertisement leads people to believe that they can obtain a licence without using the services of a driving school.”

JPJ, according to Zailani, will work collaboratively with the communications and digital ministry as well as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to track down the syndicate.

"The syndicate has realised that the authorities are monitoring them, so they often change their links every four to six months.

"We will find those who are trying to mislead social media users with this tactic and turn them over to the police for further action," he said.

Be careful of scams, guys, and don’t believe everything you see on the internet!