Going Digital? JPJ Will Launch App So You Don’t Have To Carry Your Physical License Anymore!

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is planning to launch an app where it displays your driving license so you don’t have to carry the physical one anymore!

Your driving license, along with your Malaysian identity card (IC) is an important document that you MUST carry with you at all times, however, many people still forget to bring these documents with them whenever they go out which risks the individual being fined, arrested without a warrant or face both penalties.

going digital? jpj will launch app so you don’t have to carry your physical license anymore!Photo via lowyat.NET

Yes, not having your identification with you is a serious offense in Malaysia! 

Hopefully soon we won’t have to carry our physical license anymore as JPJ is planning to launch an app where you can get a copy of your driver’s license online. 

According to Berita Harian, JPJ director-general Datuk Zailani Hashim said the application is already and is just waiting for the “green light” from the Minister of Transport, Anthony Loke, for its implementation. 

He added that once the app is ready to be launched, the transport minister will announce it officially in a press conference very soon. 

Are you the type who always forgets to bring your wallet with you? Well, this app is going to be life-changing for you!