Six Job Scam Victims Rescued And Is Safely Back In Malaysia!

Victim of a job scam syndicate who was starved and beaten, Muhd Farhan Azman was seen bowing in prayer as he arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) arrival hall on Wednesday (21 December).

According to The Star, six people including a 19-year-old were saved and brought home with the help of Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Sing. 

Farhan’s mother, 45-year-old Zahiriah Abdul Rasid said that she had been unable to sleep and had been crying whenever she thought about her son for the past four months. 

six job scam victims rescued and is safely back in malaysia!Photo via The Star

She claimed that before being transferred to Thailand by his “employer,” he had secured a housekeeping job in Singapore. However, Farhan was forced to work as a scammer in a call center after being smuggled to Myanmar. 

Zahiriah told reporters that if her son did not reach his goal of RM30,000 in scams, her son would be starved and beaten. 

“My son contacted me while he was in Myanmar because the scammers demanded a RM15,000 ransom. We were in contact and I knew he was being starved and beaten,” she added. 

Sim said that the KK Garden compound, which is encircled by 4 m-high walls and barbed wire is still home to about 1,000 Malaysians. Some of the torture techniques include water torture, beatings with plastic pipes, making victims carry 20 liters of water up and down two flights of stairs and tying them to their bunk beds for more than a month if they tried to flee. 

Not only that, but these victims were made to work more than 15 hours a day, and those who were unable to work would have their organs harvested. How horrible! 

The Malaysian and Thai police, the Malaysian embassy and Victor Wong, a Malaysian living in Thailand have all played a HUGE role in helping Sim rescue these stranded Malaysians and bring them home safely. 

Thank you to everyone who is involved in bringing them home! We’re so happy they are safe now!