Indonesian Woman “Plays Dead” For Facebook Photos To Avoid RM1,184 Debt

It's not unusual for people to try to avoid paying their debts, but some will go to great lengths to do so…

indonesian woman “plays dead” for facebook photos to avoid rm1,184 debtPhoto via Oddity Central

To avoid having to pay her IDR 4.2 million (RM1,184) debt, an Indonesian woman faked her own death and posed as a corpse so that her son could take some photos of her “death” to post on Facebook. 

According to Oddity Central, Liza Dewi Pramita has already requested a loan extension due to her inability to repay the money, however, as the second deadline was about to pass, the woman’s son posted the news of her “tragic death” on Facebook. 

He even posted photos of her “dead body” complete with cotton bits in her nostrils as proof!

Her son posted on Facebook that Liza had tragically passed away in a car accident and even shared photos of his mother with her eyes closed and pieces of cotton in her nose. He even shared photos of the woman on a gurney and medical personnel pushing her deceased body under a white sheet. 

Her borrower, known as Gunwan, was saddened by Liza’s passing at first. But later begins to doubt the truth after reading that Liza would be buried in Aceh Tamiang, which is unusually far from where she lives.

Gunwan then decides to go online to carefully review the Facebook photos. 

She then Googled the photos and found that the ones without the woman’s face, like the gurney photos, were just taken from the internet to fake her death. 

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Posted by Maya Gunawan on Monday, 12 December 2022

When her son was confronted by Gunwan, he reportedly admitted that his mother had staged her entire death as a way to avoid paying her debts. As of now, Liza is nowhere to be found even after she’s been exposed and Gunwan still hasn’t gotten back her money.

How bizarre! What do you guys think of this?