Scammer in Indonesia Rakes in RM4.5 Million with Deceptive Coldplay Ticket Rotation Scheme

Legendary British rock band, Coldplay, mesmerized fans in Jakarta, Indonesia, during an unforgettable performance at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on November 15.

However, the post-concert scene took a chaotic turn as videos surfaced of eager fans storming the gates, desperately attempting to gain entry.

scammer in indonesia rakes in rm4.5 million with deceptive coldplay ticket rotation schemePhoto via X (@tokoparmo)

Speculations abound that the gate-crashing frenzy was fueled by individuals who had fallen victim to scalpers peddling counterfeit or duplicated tickets...

The TOKO PARMO Twitter page shed light on a shocking revelation involving an Indonesian ticket supplier, Ghisca Debora Aritonang. Allegedly, Aritonang amassed a staggering RM4,528,164 (15,000,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah) by rotating and selling 100 complimentary Coldplay tickets, deceitfully presenting them as part of an 8,000-ticket inventory. 

This dubious distinction has earned her the title of the largest ticket scammer in Indonesia to date!

TOKO PARMO's tweet exposed the extent of the ticket fraud: “Coldplay’s shadow ticket fraudster amounted to 15 million IDR by rotating 100 tickets that she had as if she had 8,000 tickets.”

Compounding the issue, reports indicate that the ill-gotten gains may prove unrecoverable. The funds have reportedly been transferred to a bank in the Netherlands, shielding them from confiscation and any prospect of reimbursement.

In a turn of events, Aritonang, along with several other alleged ticket scammers, now faces legal consequences. Following 73 reports from duped concertgoers, the authorities have taken action, leading to the arrest of those involved in the mass fabrication of tickets.

As the excitement builds for Coldplay's upcoming show in Kuala Lumpur on the 22nd, Malaysians are urged to exercise caution. With the unfortunate incidents in Jakarta fresh in mind, concert enthusiasts are reminded to steer clear of purchasing tickets from scalpers. 

The proximity of the show date has given rise to an influx of ticket resales, with unscrupulous individuals seeking to capitalize on the high demand. To safeguard against potential scams, it is strongly advised to avoid third-party websites and discourage support for scalpers.

In the spirit of enjoying Coldplay's music and the live experience, let's prioritize authenticity and integrity. 

Say no to scalpers and choose the legitimate route to ensure a memorable and genuine concert experience!