In Astro Awani We Trust!

Have you guys read all the fake news that’s been going around social media recently? Especially since the COVID-19 outbreak, suddenly everybody on WhatsApp is an epidemiologist. 

in astro awani we trust!Photo via YoiTube (Astro Awani)

But no worries, you know you can get all the correct information through reputable news platforms like Astro Awani! 

According to the Annual Review of the Reuters Digital News Studies Institute 2020, the 24-hour news television channel has been ranked as Malaysia’s number one most trusted news site, 

...followed by Radio Televisyen Malaysia and The Star in second and third place respectively. 

Meanwhile, Astro Awani came in second for the weekly and offline reach category for the television, radio and print media categories, while in the Online Brands category, Astro Awani Online came second behind MalaysiaKini. 

The report added, “Astro Awani stands at the forefront of the most trusted news brand which also highlights critical approaches to the discussion of news and current affairs.”

So, make sure to #SemakFakta with Astro Awani first before you believe everything you read on the internet! 

Keep up the good work, Astro Awani! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat