"If You Wear An M, You Are Fat"

if you wear an m, you are fat

Social media influencers wield far more power than some of them even realise. With plenty of followers and fans who look up to them, the title comes with plenty of responsibility, but not many know how to use it wisely.

Recently, a social media influencer, who had over 1 million followers on her verified Instagram account, posted a rather nasty message on her Instagram story. To give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she thought it was empowering. The message was not put in the best way, however. She basically said anyone who wears an M is fat, and should stop eating and go to the gym. 

if you wear an m, you are fat

The internet went crazy, with many people calling her out for being such a poor example. Her Instagram account (now deactivated) used to be filled with photos showing off her lithe physique, mostly at the gym or by the pool. One thing to note, however, is the fact that she is a trained ballerina, and, as with most ballerinas or anyone heavily involved in some form of sport, their bodies are often honed to standards unachievable by the regular person. In the viral story, she claimed she was a size 2, which is an XXS by Asian standards. Where is the line for health and beauty drawn? There is definitely such a thing as being too skinny or underweight.

if you wear an m, you are fat

Her words, unfortunately, did more than shock the internet. They also carried enough weight to affect some people’s self-esteem.

Twitter user @frompublicskool shared about her self-confidence and how she is aware that her size is bigger than that of an average petite Asian girl. Having to purchase clothes in size M would affect her, and this post by the once widely-revered influencer serves as a reminder that she is nothing but a lump of fat cells.

Words have so much power. Remember to yield them wisely.

By: Celestine Foo