How Do You Choose Your Smartphone?

how do you choose your smartphone?

How often do you change smartphones? These little devices are surprisingly important to us and most of us probably rely on them as much as we rely on oxygen.

Recently, Google and Ipsos conducted a study on how Malaysians pick their smartphones. Is it about brand, functionality or aesthetics? The findings found that while most Malaysians actually keep their smartphones for more than two years, 1 in 2 Malaysians try to change it before the two year mark. It was also found that 1 in 5 Malaysians are brand loyalists (the kind of loyalty we rarely see in relationships). The study also noted that only 1 in 10 Malaysians are in-store deciders! Basically, not everyone makes up their minds at the store itself.

Based on the study, it was discovered that Malaysians are actually avid researchers. It turns out that we are a smart, picky bunch who take into account things like battery life, operating systems, and key specifications - all of which are what makes a smartphone what it is. Other factors surveyed and ranked in order are affordability, camera quality (for those high-res selfies), brand reputation, trusted reviews, promotions and discounts, and device availability.

Not every smartphone is suitable for everyone, as suitability depends on the user’s lifestyle and needs. Researching the gadget before making the purchase is a pretty crucial step and it was also found that rural Malaysians are empowered by e-commerce. 

There are many who read up on the device and make their purchases online. Given the option to purchase something with one click and have it delivered to your doorstep, who wouldn’t take it? Before deciding on their purchase, 4 out of 5 Malaysians are influenced by online touchpoints like search engines, brand sites and ecommerce comparisons for research and information seeking - at least we know consumers make informed decisions!

how do you choose your smartphone?

”Malaysians are becoming increasingly conscious and deliberate about their smartphone choices given innovation in the smartphone industry and higher access to information. Online research is arguably the most important part of the purchase journey and where Malaysian consumers spend the most time on; but once all the factors are weighted and considered there’s still room for retail sales to play a part,” said Su Ann Lim, Industry Head for Tech and Telco at Google Malaysia.
As highlighted by the research, the convenience provided by the digital age has taken over to be the top source of information for buyers to decide what they want. The top research activities cited were:

searching and reading online device reviews and watching YouTube product reviews
visiting brand and product sites
comparing prices and specs on e-commerce sites.
So, when will you be getting your next smartphone?

By: Celestine Foo