How Dangerous Is The Delta Variant? This Is What We Know So Far!

Hmm… so we’ve heard about this new COVID-19 variant, which is apparently SO dangerous and can spread in just 15 seconds.

how dangerous is the delta variant? this is what we know so far!Photo via Financial Times

But what do we know about the Delta variant so far? How can we assess our risk? And what strategies should we apply to protect ourselves from it? 

What is the Delta variant? 

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove from the World Health Organization (WHO) says that WHO is currently tracking and monitoring the Delta variant of concern around the world. 

It is a variant of concern because it has increased transmissibility which has been demonstrated by several countries. The Delta variant rapidly takes off and spreads between people more efficiently than even the Alpha variant that was first detected around December-January, 2021. 

As of today, the Delta variant has been reported in 96 countries and will continue to spread.

how dangerous is the delta variant? this is what we know so far!Photo via KLSE Screener

How can we assess our risk wherever we live to protect ourselves from the Delta variant?

According to WHO, Dr. Maria said that there are many things you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the Delta variant.

This includes washing your hands regularly, wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth, avoiding going to crowded places, keeping your distance from others and making sure that if you are indoors, you are in a room that has good ventilation. 

Yes, it’s as simple as opening your window so that you get good airflow! 

Taking all those measures into consideration will reduce the possibility of exposure to the virus and reduce the possibility of you getting infected. 

In addition, vaccines are also incredibly effective in preventing severe disease and death, so make sure that you take that opportunity and get yourself vaccinated! 

But, what if the situation changes? For instance, being in a country or a city which has high vaccination, or a place where there is low vaccination. 

Dr. Maria said that too many people around the world are not yet vaccinated or have not yet received the full vaccination course, and so, people remain susceptible to infection and they may remain susceptible to severe disease and death.

Which is why WHO recommends that we still take precautions like wearing a face mask, washing our hands regularly and maintaining physical distance as a way to protect ourselves. 

She also said that it’s best that everyone follows the local guidelines that’s issued in that area. 

Guys, we are still learning about COVID-19 and its variants, so for now, let’s do everything we can to keep ourselves safe!

Follow lah SOPs, and don’t be complacent! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat