How Bad Is Your Road Rage?

how bad is your road rage?Photo:

Do you get frustrated when someone is driving slowly in front of you? Or do you excessively use the honk while driving? Many experts believe that road rage is on the brink of becoming an epidemic, and many people resolve their frustration by expressing anger behind the wheel. 

But where do you draw the line when it comes to road rage? How do you know that your road rage level is not too extreme that it can impose danger to other drivers on the road? 
A group of psychologists came up with a personality test to determine whether you are a reckless driver or not. This test is made up of both situational and self-assessment questions to weep out reckless drivers.

The Vienna Test System

how bad is your road rage?

This test is used to assess people’s fitness to drive, and the results of these traffic psychological assessments will help decrease the number of road traffic accidents and to have an increase in road safety. 

Traffic safety research shows that 90% of all accidents are attributable to human error (Gelau, Gasser & Seeck, 2012). The Vienna Test System helps identify performance deficits in potentially dangerous drivers and on the other hand, to select what they call “drivers with increased responsibility”.

What are you waiting for? Click on the link band take the test today to see if you are reckless or not on the roads.

By: Rayelene Chin