Hong Kong Man Goes To Work Every Day, Refuses To Tell His Wife That He Got Fired!

Because he is afraid to tell his wife and family about his situation, an unemployed man from Hong Kong, who was fired last year has been spending the past few months pretending to go to work every day.

The 46-year-old unnamed man’s story is similar to that of the 2008 Japanese film ‘Tokyo Sonata,’ which focuses on the lives of regular people who were affected by an economic downturn.

hong kong man goes to work every day, refuses to tell his wife that he got fired!Photo via South China Morning Post

According to Oddity Central, he told reporters that he had frantically applied for "almost all" of the positions that were similar to his prior job on several Hong Kong recruitment websites, but had not received any responses. 

In an anonymous message posted on Office Daily’s Facebook page, the man revealed that before pretending to go to his fake work every day, he briefly pretended to be on a three-week leave. 

“I’d rather not tell my wife,” he wrote. 

The man also said that he’s worried that without a real, well-paying job, he might not be able to maintain the facade for very much longer, despite having some savings.

He ended his confession by saying that he will continue to “go to work” until the Chinese New Year, and will still buy his family new clothes and give his children red money packets as usual. 

We wonder how long he can keep “going to work.” We hope he finds a good job soon!